Call of Duty Mobile - 2022 - Season 1 - Heist

SDS new direction in 2023

✅ After reaching a milestone of 10 seasons in Clan War, SurturDeathSquad will no longer be actively contributing towards Clan War.
Our target is only to maintain the Legendary status of the clan.
I would like to thank all players for their past contributions and hope you continue to stay in the clan as we have plans to organise internal competition for BR and MP with rewards and surprises on a monthly basis.
With Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile coming soon (May 2023) , we will be focusing on this in the upcoming months.
🚨 To add on, SDS FA13, will be stepping down from his role as Vice Master to give an opportunity for others. If you are interested and committed to be part of the Organizing Committee, please PM SDS | SatanIzam or SDS | S1L3NCER
✅SDS乄HYDRA will now be our clan war squad.
This will be led by SD乄SUPPR3SSOR, as clan master.
Interested players may join, but there will be requirement of maximising daily 3 bonus.
Players not performing will be removed to maintain active and contributing players.
Perks and benefits of the project clan will be BP & CP (minimum of 3 weeks in clan)
Those interested can PM SDS | SatanIzam or SDS | S1L3NCER
Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and contributions throughout our journey.
I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our members who have been consistently grinding for us on their own. These are our silent / solo grinders. Your hardwork has not gone unnoticed. We will be presenting you with a special token of appreciation in May 2023. For the rest, and I mean everyone who has been a part of SDS, you will also receive a special reward to mark our 10 seasons of Legendary status.
🎖SDS | Deeboi
🎖SDS | mikasa
🎖SDS | MacKilau
Thank you.
Clan Master
Note: Any players begging for sponsored CP will be ignored and subsequently blacklisted