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Battle Royale Class (BR)

Battle Royale Class for Call of Duty Mobile game. There are fourteen unique attribute classes a player can choose from at the start of the game


Scout Class

Class Details

Sensor Dart
Shoot a Sensor Dart that can see hostile positions in the radar map.
Shows enemy footprints for several seconds.


Medic Class

Class Details

Medical Station
Place a medical station that heals you and allies continuously.
Master Healer
Reduces time required for healing and bringing back knocked down teammates by 25%.


Ninja Class

Class Details

Grapple Gun
Shoot a grapple hook that pulls you to the target.
Dead Silence
Reduces sound when moving.


Defender Class - TransformShield

Class Details

Transform Shield
Place a transformable and flashing shield.
Reduces damage from all sources except gunfire by 25%.


Mechanic Class

Class Details

EMP Drone
Call an EMP Drone that does continuous EMP interference to hostiles.
Grants augmented sight, making vehicles, hostile traps and equipment visible within 80 meters.


Trickster Class - Psychosis

Class Details

Generate 2 holographic projections to move forward and confuse the enemy.
Hear an enemy’s footsteps easier with a wider range of hearing.


Airborne Class

Class Details

Ejection Device
Summons a catapult, ejects your team into the air, and turns on the wing to glide.
Become more buoyant while using the wingsuit

Trap Master

Trap Master Class - ElectricTripWire

Class Details

Electric Trip Wire
Routes a high-voltage current line. Enemies passing through will take damage and movement speed will decrease.
Territorial Effect
Increases the movement speed and skill recharge speed of nearby allies.



Class Details

Active Camo
Grants invisibility during which movement speed is increased. Nearby enemies will be notified of an invisible hostile.
Increases running and walking speed in a stealth state.

Smoke Bomber

Smoke Bomber Class

Class Details

Cluster Smoke Grenade
Generates smoke to a target area that slows down enemies.
Smoke Perspective
Release a plume of smoke that makes all enemies visible within. Damage taken increases running speed.


Hacker Class

Class Details

Ice Pick
Black out the minimaps of all nearby enemies, and prevent them from using gadgets.
Hard Wired
The radar in mini map will not be blocked by interference or detectable by the enemy.


Refitter Class

Class Details

Armor Pack
Place armor packs that can be picked up by yourself and teammates. Each layer can reduce bullet damage, excluding the head.
Slowly repairs and increases the durability limit of your armour and vehicle.


Spotter Class - ClusterStrike

Class Details

Cluster Strike
Launch a cluster air strike to a designated area.
Fly Swatter
Shows nearby winged enemies and increases reload speed of Rocket Launcher.


Clown Class - K9

Class Details

Toy Bomb
Summon dogs that attack only units near them.
Canine Obliterator
Reduces the distance a dog can track you to 15 meters.