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Clan Wars (CODM)

What Is Clan Wars?

Clan Wars – You will need to play in the Clan Wars mode to earn the various rewards and climb the leaderboard. While there are a few ways you can progress in Clan Wars, the main way is to capture Clan Nodes. Divided into weekly mini-seasons, these are daily challenges with “unique objectives and modifiers,” and “Each node will be fought over by Clans for a set amount of time and depending on each Clan’s rank they will earn currency.”

Clan Level

Clan level depends on amounts of Clan XP. 1 Clan Activity = 1 Clan XP. There is no limit to Clan Activity per day, but Clan XP is limited to 6000 per day.

Source of Clan Activity

  1. Complete a Multiplayer match: +6
  2. Complete a Battle Royale match: +6
  3. Spend 10 COD Points: +6


Complete a match with your Clanmates to earn more Clan Activity points. Teaming up with your Clanmates will also provide an XP bonus after each match (Clan mates 50%, Friend 20%)

Clan War

Enter the Clan War through the entrance.Go to Clan menu on the bottom of the screen and then tap on Join Clan War  Help your Clan rank up and win great rewards!

Enter the Clan War Node through the entrance on your War Map. Complete specific tasks, earn node points and help your Clan win.

Check the Clan Shop for exciting rewards! Clan Currency is earned weekly with each Clan War settlement.


The Clan must have at least 5 active players (Rookie: 5, Veteran: 7, Elite: 10, Pro: 12, Master:15, Legendary:20) on Monday UTC to qualify for this week’s Clan War. Players must stay in the clan until next Monday UTC, quitting the Clan will disqualify the player.

War Nodes

A group of 6 Clans will be matched on Monday and the Clan War will last from Tuesday to Sunday. Multiple nodes will gradually open on the Clan War Map. Players complete tasks in nodes to acquire Clan Points.

Node Points

Acquired by completing node tasks, used for Clans competing for nodes.

Clan Points: Acquired by winning nodes, used for weekly settlement.

Clan Trophies: Acquired through weekly settlement, determines the rank of each Clan.

Clan Currency: Acquired through weekly and seasonal settlements of Clan Wars, used for purchasing items in the Clan Shop.

The leaderboard inside the node: Clan Points are calculated and issued according to the total number of Node Points obtained by the team to complete the node tasks.

Battlefield Leaderboard: Multiple nodes will be opened every week. Ranking is determined by the total number of Clan Points obtained by the team in each node. The ranking settlement will be carried out every weekend and Trophies will be issued accordingly.

The Node Points ranking determines the number of points a Clan gets at a single node. The total number of Clan Points each week determines the Clan’s ranking, tier and rewards.

KeyGoals are nodes set by the Clan Leader. It can be set for extra point bonuses. Qualifications for main node setting are refreshed every day so help your Clan win the war!

Trophy Settlement Rules


Qualification for Clan War

Your clan must have at least 5 active players on Monday UTC to qualify for this week’s Clan War. Players must stay in the clan until next Monday UTC, quitting the clan will disqualify the player.

Check the clan store for exciting rewards! Clan Currency is earned weekly with each Clan War settlement.

Clan Currency resets when the new season starts so please utilise it before it ends.

LevelNumber of Active Players Required

How to play and be a part of Clan War - Call of Duty Mobile

Your Clan will be matched up with other Clans each week to give you more variety in who you are playing against so that no team constantly dominating the leader boards. Once it resets, Clans must register for these mini-seasons every week, and “the clan who captures the Node will earn bonus points.” Clan War starts every Tuesday 8am (SG Time) and ends on Monday 8am(SG Time)

An example objective is to play Battle Royale and get Top 3. The more Clan members complete the objective, the more Node points you will earn. The more Nodes your Clan can earn, the higher you rank up the leader board.

Top 5 Tips

  1. Communicate and Win. Up to six nodes can be active at a time, each with their own unique tasks. Consider your current placement and the remaining time on each node to determine which tasks are higher priority than others. Focus your efforts to make the most gains.
  2. Set a Primary Target. Once every 24 hours, clan leaders can mark one node as the primary target. During that time, clan members will earn additional points when completing that node’s task(s).
  3. Maximize Your Bonus Multipliers. Your bonus multiplier is at its highest when you’ve played only a few matches. Even busy clan members who can play only a few matches a day will greatly help their clan by contributing a little every 24 hours. Earn even more points by forming a party with at least one other clan member, increasing your earned score by 20% when completing tasks together.
  4. Catch Up in the End. Falling behind? The nodes that open up later in the week are worth more Clan Points than the ones available toward the start. If you need a boost, push your clan mates to keep fighting for score as these more valuable nodes become available for the taking.
  5. The Battle Pass Advantage. Battle Pass owners will accrue even more points for completing tasks, as well as gain access to all 50 tiers of earn-able Battle Pass rewards.
CODM Clan Wars


How to get started for Clan Wars in 4 easy steps
Rewards to Grab

Ronin – Hagakure

QXR – Rebirth

Backpack – Ronin

Chestpiece – Ronin

Helmet – Ronin

RUS-79U – Brushed Chrome

QXR – Brushed Chrome

Chopper – Ambush

DL Q33 – Ambush

ASM10 – Ambush

Knife – Ambush

SMRS – Ambush

Frag Grenade – Ambush

Flashbang Grenade – Ambush

Rank Border – Elite 1

Rank Border – Elite 2

Rank Border – Elite 3

Rank Border – Pro 1

Rank Border – Pro 2

Rank Border – Pro 3

Rank Border – Legendary