2023 CODM Season 9 - Graveyard Shift

2023 Season 9 – Graveyard Shift

Fear arrives to haunt our Operators as horrifying revelations come to light across multiple fronts, from an artificial intelligence with apocalyptic intentions to an assassination plot that could plunge the world into further chaos. It’s all in time for Halloween as part of Call of Duty®: Mobile Season 9 — Graveyard Shift.

The new season sees the return of both Zombies Classic and Undead Siege, featuring new content to keep even the most bloodthirsty slayers satisfied. Equip a new SMG, compete in the new Patrol Mode in Multiplayer, and more when Season 9 — Graveyard Shift launches on October 4 at 5PM PT.


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Graveyard Shift Battle Pass: New Perk and Weapon

The Graveyard Shift Pass features free and premium items, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and additional COD Points (CP) to spend on your next Premium Pass or Store purchase.


Battle Pass Free Tiers

At Tier 14, earn the new Launcher Plus Perk, greatly increasing the functionality of Launchers by adding two extra reserve ammo and providing a 20% chance to immediately earn any Scorestreak you eliminate with your equipped Launcher. At Tier 21, get the CX-9 SMG, boasting excellent maneuverability and a fast fire rate. Other free Tier highlights include a variety of Camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the QXR — Growl at Tier 50.


Premium Pass Tiers

Purchase the Premium Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Graveyard Shift stream, including unsettling Operators Skins like Witch Doctor — Lethal Cure Demir — Lurking Dead; Portnova — Funny Bone; and Misty — In the Spirit. Face your fears head-on with Weapon Blueprints like the CR-56 AMAX — Final Testament; the Chopper — The Great Beyond; the M4 — Nocturne Mortis; the Kilo Bolt-Action — Rex Mortem; and the CX-9 — Deathly Light, based on the new Season 9 weapon.

Battle Pass Subscription: Enlist with the Ground Forces by purchasing a Battle Pass Subscription, granting extra rewards each season along with a 10% boost to Player and Weapon XP, discount coupons, plus limited discounts on 10x crate pulls. This season, opt for the three-month subscription to lower the monthly cost and keep the rewards coming through the end of the year.

Season 9’s Ground Forces rewards include the Woods — Jester Operator Skin, the Oden — Dark Threshold Weapon Blueprint, and Backpack — Dark Threshold.


The Return of Zombies Classic, Undead Siege

Undead SiegeZombies returns in time for Halloween, to be offered alongside Zombies Classic for the first time, supporting not one but two modes with both Zombies Classic and Undead Siege arriving in the season. The modes are returning with new challenges, new classes, new rewards, and a balance update.

Zombies Classic: Deploy to Shi No Numa — aka the Swamp of Death — in a classic round-based game mode where you and your squad must fight back the undead horde, growing ever more deadly through each round. Eliminate the shambling creatures and use your earned points to open new pathways, purchase Perks, and beef up your attacks with powerful items and weapons from the Mystery Box.

Undead Siege: Drop into a zombified version of the Battle Royale map Isolated and work with your teammates to survive over a period of five days and five nights. Scavenge for supplies and equipment during the day and be prepared to fight like hell against the oncoming hordes through the night. Set up turrets as an added defense and keep the teleporter in working order by providing repairs as needed.

Season 9 includes a POI adjustment and a new Camo reward for dedicated slayers of the undead.


Brave the Horrors of Halloween Standoff, Haunted Hacienda

The Multiplayer maps Standoff and Hacienda isare getting the full Halloween treatment. Look for them it in a featured Playlist including a variety of game modes.

Halloween Standoff: The festivities are in full swing, and the usual daytime sky has darkened into night under the light of a full moon. Watch for the statue of a jack-o’-lantern reaper, hanging bats, and monstrous shadows lurking in the windows.

Haunted Hacienda: Jack-o’-lanterns, ghosts, and otherworldly ships offshore transform Hacienda into a Halloween fright as Operators battle through the manor grounds, the once lavish estate now a chilling spectacle of haunts.


Compete in Patrol Mode, Other Multiplayer Updates Ranked Search & Rescue

Originally featured in Call of Duty®: Vanguard®, Patrol Mode challenges Operators to capture and control a single point called the Patrol Zone that moves around the map. The objective only stops when the zone becomes contested, moving on again when there’s only one team within its bounds.

Operators score points by standing in the Patrol Zone, and if a zone becomes contested by an enemy player, the team with more players on the objective will continue to earn points. Group up, get on the point, and use greater numbers to keep the odds in your favor.

Prop Hunt Update: New maps and props are being added to Prop Hunt, including new rules and mechanics that alter the human and prop interaction from round to round, such as props pretending to be humans or using a Heartbeat Sensor to detect props.

Ranked Search & Rescue: Search & Rescue will be added to the pool of Ranked Multiplayer game modes. In this twist on Search & Destroy, eliminated players drop tags; that player respawns if a teammate grabs their dropped tag before the enemy does.


New Themed Events

The new season adds three new events to take part in, offering more rewards plus temporary protection from Rank XP losses in Ranked Play.


Halloween Themed Fright Factory Event

Earn Pumpkin Candy lottery tickets for completing challenges in Multiplayer and Battle Royale, which can be used to claim milestone rewards like Ajax — Flesh Golem and Kilo 141 —Webspinner. More powerful lottery ticketsHigher quality Pumpkin Candy results in higher milestone rewards.


Ghost ChasingSpectral Smackdown

Whack a Ghost in this festival game featuring a board with nine holes. Use energy earned by completing daily challenges to rack up as many points as you can. The Ghost SovereignKing is worth two points and the Ghost Soldier is worth one point, while hitting the Bomb Ghost takes away a point. Use your total score at the end of each round to earn milestone rewards.


Team-Up Rank Shield Event

Get your squad together for some competitive Ranked Play. Feeling a little rusty? During the Team-Up Rank Shield Event, players won’t lose Rank XP if they lose the match. This protection isn’t unlimited, but it should help you get back into fighting form without the worry of losing your gains along the way.


New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

Complete new Seasonal Challenges and Events rewarding Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more, including the new HS0405 Thunder Rounds Signature Attachment for the HS0405.


New Signature Attachment: Equip the Thunder Rounds Signature Attachment for thethe HS0405 Shotgun, providing with special ammunition that shatters after traveling a certain distance, hitting targets in a wider arc.


Check the in-game Events tab throughout the season for more info, including Daily Mission rewards and Monthly Login incentives.


Store Update: New Mythic Weapon Draw and More

New Mythic Weapon Draw: The Mythic CX-9 — Lethal Hollow is the latest product of experimental weapon design, featuring highly advanced components packaged in a flowing, angelic form. Get the chance to unlock this new Mythic-rarity Blueprint and other items like the Kestrel — Blessed Hollow Operator Skin.


Halloween Series Draw: The perfect Draw for the haunting season, including four Legendary Weapon Blueprints along with other menacing Skins and a trick-or-treat-themed Calling Card.

Other Season 9 Draws include Operators Skins like the feline Rodion — Hunter’s Prowl, The Director — Crown of Chaos, and Dark Shepherd — Crow’s Haunt, in addition to a host of other Halloween-themed items and Weapon Blueprints.


Battle Pass Vault: Get even more haunted goodies with the return of the Season 9: Nightmare Battle Pass, adding the Epic Operator Skins Nikto — Scarecrow; Artery — Nosferatu; Rott — Tomb Bound; and Iskra — Arachnis. In addition, get the Epic Swordfish — MKII Weapon Blueprint, the Zom-Bale Charm, and more.

Season 2: Task Force 141 is also getting sent to the Vault in Season 9, adding Mil-Sim-themed Operator Skins like Alex — Hard Wired; Ghost — Taskforce; Charly — Striker; and Gaz — CT-SFO; plus get Epic Weapon Blueprints like the JAK-12 — Treecutter and more.

Season 9 — Graveyard Shift launches on Call of Duty: Mobile on October 4 at 5PM PT.



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