2021 - Season 11


Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are honored to be here with you once again to celebrate the release of the eleventh and final season of CODM in 2021. As of a short while ago Season 11: Final Snow has released and with that comes a season full of snowballs, new operators, zombies, holiday celebrations, and much more! To help introduce the theme of this season look no further than our main trailer:

The launch of this season also marks the launch of another season of comics! However, this is an extraordinarily special comics release since it is the end of this storyline/timeline. These comics will be running right up until the end of Season 11 and with Season 1 of 2022 a new timeline will begin.

We don’t want to spoil what is to come and we’ll have plenty of highlights on our social channels, but you can expect some fierce firefights, shocking conclusions, and a consistent question of ‘who are friends and who are foes’ as Templar, Ghost, Vagr Modir, Soap, and others all get to the end of their search for Shephard and Sophia. Jump in-game now to check out the comics alongside the new BP!

For this season release update we have various highlights and details on new aspects of this season. Jump in below for info on the BP, seasonal challenges, new modes, new and returning maps, Undead Siege, and of course some patch notes!

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 12/17 – 01/18 ~ New Year Celebration (login event)
  • 12/17 ~ Seasonal Challenge – Royale Specialist
  • 12/17 – 12/21 ~ Gun Game Moshpit (MP)
  • 12/17 – 12/21 ~ Secondary School (MP)
  • 12/17 – 12/23 ~ Holiday Raid 24/7 (MP Map)
  • 12/17 – 12/23 ~ Rapid Fire (MP)
  • 12/22 – 12/28 ~ Hardcore Hold (MP)
  • 12/22 – 12/28 ~ Snowball Scuffle (MP)
  • 12/22 ~ MP Trademaster & Disc of Doom Seasonal Challenges
  • 12/24 – 12/30 ~ Tracing Crumbs (MP)
  • 12/24 – 12/30 ~ Payout S&D (MP)
  • 12/24 ~ First S11 Draw – Crueltide Draw
  • 12/24 ~ Themed Event – Ho-Ho-Hot Drops

*All Dates UTC

As per usual we only have some content releasing right now with more dropping through the season, whether that is modes, new weapons, events, or more! Get a glimpse of it all through our detailed and frost covered Season 11 Roadmap:

Battle Pass
The Season 11 Battle Pass embodies the Winter theme to its frozen core with weapons and operators kitted out for winter warfare. Soap – Cliffhanger and Vagr Modir – Whisper of Winter lead this season alongside Atlas – Crash and Keegan – Huntsman! On the weaponry front, you can snag a new LMG, the LKM, in free side of this pass alongside a new Operator Skill, and new camos. Here is a quick list of the main items from each side of the pass!

Free Battle Pass

  • Sticker – Royale Rule (tier 1)
  • Smoke Grenade – Warm Plaid (tier 8)
  • New Operator Skill – Munitions Box (tier 14)
  • Striker – Polar Light (Tier 16)
  • New Weapon PKM (tier 21)
  • Concussion Grenade – Warm Plaid (tier 28)
  • Charm – Hunting Horn (tier 31)
  • Holger 26 – Polar Light (tier 36)
  • UL736 – Polar Light (tier 46)
  • Calling Card – Snow Shiv (tier 50)

Premium Pass

  • Vagr Modir – Whisper of Winter (tier 1)
  • Calling Card – Winter Hunt (tier 1)
  • KN-44 – Frosted Spikes (tier 1)
  • Echo – Tasty Treat (tier 10)
  • Atlas – Crash (tier 12)
  • Emote – Snow Party (tier 15)
  • MSMC – Deceitful Deity (tier 30)
  • Keegan – Huntsman (tier 35)
  • Man-O-War – Wolf’s Mane (tier 40)
  • PKM – Boru (tier 50)
  • Soap – Cliffhanger (tier 50)

On top of everything else in the pass, there is also a Battle Pass Bundle which comes with the five epic items: Sickle – Chillscythe, Calling Card – Within Reach, Avatar – Snowman’s Gun, Frame – Snowman’s Gun Frame, Parachute – Let it Snow. You can snag all of those items plus a tier earn-rate boost with that bundle.

New & Returning Maps
This season we are bringing in the holiday gifts with four maps coming into the Multiplayer circulation! Two holiday classic maps have returned for your enjoyment and we have one brand-new map coming into the mix. Details on all three maps below!

This brand-new map comes on over from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and is our first Multiplayer map to allow for full underwater combat. This map has your usual three lane structure across a mid-size area full of outdoor and indoor options, but it has some extra nuance due to the verticality introduced through swimming and the submarine area in the center.

As you can see, this map offers a variety of options for close, mid, and long-range combat. That’s just a quick look at the map but get ready for a more detailed break-down once we get closer to it launching at the end of December! For now, you’ve got some old favorites waiting πŸ˜‰.

Nuketown Russia
This map sparked a long community discussion about which should remain in the game despite plenty of players liking both. In the end, the original Nuketown returned and we put Nuketown Russia on ice. However, it is back now for Season 11 and while it doesn’t have its own playlists it is including in many different playlists. In particular, be sure to look for it in the Gun Game Moshpit, Rapid Fire, and Secondary School playlists.

Holiday Raid
The oldest holiday themed map is Holiday Raid and per tradition it returns once again this year! This estate has now been lavishly redecorated to fit the holiday theme and is now ready for some snowball fights. You can find this map available right now in the Holiday Raid 24/7 playlist and in some other general playlist available throughout the season! Make sure to check it out and see why it is a fan-favorite for this time of the year.

This map comes from the first season in 2021 (Season 1 – New Order) and was meant to follow up the holiday season with an outdoor mall that was abandoned in the dead of winter. This map is relatively small but offers a variety of options due to its vertical environment with a bottom floor and top floor of the mall. Explore Reclaim yourself when it launches in early January with its own 24/7 playlist!

Undead Siege Update – Nightmare Mode & More
This season has come with new seasonal content, like weapons, a MP map, BP, and challenges, but it also came with a brand-new Undead Siege update! This update has some content that will be available for all players while others are strictly tied to the new difficulty – Nightmare Mode.

First, some general changes outside of the mode:

  • Now available on the Blackout map
  • New Rewards
  • Leaderboards have been reset
  • New mission – Cerberus Mission
  • Pack-a-Punch and Cola machines available

Nightmare Mode is the main new draw for your veteran players who found the mode to be too easy in the first place, especially once you figured the behavior of enemies and waves. Now, there are modifiers to waves to help make them less predictable and new updates to the Undead’s AI to help them better challenge you on this difficulty. However, to help you there are also new Legendary Turrets! Get a glimpse below at some of those changes for both the new difficulty and also for the general update:

For jumping back into the mix you’ll be able to start working on completionist camos again (Aether Crystal) but you can also earn new rewards, like Dark Matter weapon variants. Jump in now and check that out live in-game!

Season 10 Comics Recap
A quick break from the Season 11 content, but as we mentioned earlier this season comes with new comics and they will conclude the current storyline of the comics. There will be a new storyline starting in Season 1 2022 with some new and familiar operators, but this is a huge moment in the comics with Templar, Ghost, and Shephard all tying up loose ends in one way or another.

With that in mind, we wanted to call-out a fantastic community creation of an animated comics recap for Season 10: Shadows Return. A player named codmcomics has created and shared out this short, animated comics video in various places, and while it isn’t “new to S11” it is both worth highlighting to celebrate their creation and to help anyone catch up before diving into the S11 comics. Take a look:

Thank you so much codmcomics for your passion and for wanting to share the comics with an audience outside of the game! If you would like to support this player and anything additional creatives they may do, then look no further than these social channels:

New Functional Weapons
Two new functional weapons are landing in Call of Duty: Mobile in S11 and with one available right now and the other releasing later in the season via a Seasonal Challenge! First, the new light machine gun.

The PKM joins the ever-growing family of LMGs in CODM and offers a different take than the rest with its mixture of advantages and disadvantages. With the PKM you are unlikely to be able to quickly react to someone surprising you in close combat other than by crossing your fingers, spraying, and hoping hip-fire carries you through. However, it makes up for that with long-range capabilities and a reliability that other LMGs may lack.

Like all weapons it can change quite a bit thanks to Gunsmith and attachments, so it is possible to tinker the PKM to a few different playstyles. Regardless, you can try out the PKM right now through the Battle Pass (free or paid). On the free side you can snag it at tier 21 and if you want to jump in with style pick up the Epic PKM – Boru at Tier 50.

D13 Sector – Launcher
Another unusual weapon joins Season 11 – a launcher! The D13 sector is a launcher that is powerful and capable of taking out enemies through a unique disc that can ricochet across the environment. This weapon packs a punch and can easily one-shot enemies, but it is slow to reload, doesn’t carry much ammo, and is extremely hard to use at long range.

With all of that said, we are looking forward to inevitably seeing some insane trick shots with this! Grab it later in the season via a Seasonal Challenge – Disc of Doom releasing on 12/22 UTC or through an unannounced lucky draw releasing at the end of December.

MP Mode – Snowball Scuffle
The maps of this season are covered in icicles, frozen surfaces, and plenty of fresh snow ready to be turned into snowballs. In about a week, on 12/22 UTC, you’ll be able to throw the serious military aesthetic of Call of Duty aside for a moment to engage in an absurd, hilarious, and fun new mode called Snowball Scuffle! Drop your weapons and get ready to deck the halls with tightly packed snowballs in this new mode similar to Kill Confirmed.

Seasonal Challenges
Season 11 brings a batch of new seasonal challenges for you all to complete and earn rewards from! Below we’ve highlighted the first 3 challenges of Season 11, all available now or launching in the next week, which focus on various aspects of BR or MP and one of which will award you the new Secondary weapon – the D13 Sector. Details below on each of these three challenges:

Royale Specialist
Live in game now, this challenge tests your abilities across Battle Royale. Engaging in high traffic areas of our BR maps, taking down vehicles, and surviving are just some of the tasks you face for this challenge. Completing all the tasks in this challenge will earn you 9,000 Battle Pass XP as well as the rewards listed below:

  • Medic – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Airborne – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Arctic .50 – Jubilee (Rare)
  • Special Ops 4 – Firefrost (Rare)

MP Trademaster
Starting next week, this challenge as the name implies is all about Multiplayer. Using Scorestreaks, Operator Skills, and of course winning are going to be what most of your tasks in this challenge consist of. You’ll rack up 10,000 Battle Pass XP if you complete all the tasks as well as earn these items

  • SKS – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Sticker – Lethal Gaze (Rare)
  • RUS-79U – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Calling Card – Braving the Elements (Rare)
  • ASM10 – Rideout (Epic)

Disc of Doom
Starting next week, this challenge will test how deadly you can be in Battle Royale. Securing Airdrops, flexing customized weapons, and winning will be how you complete tasks in this challenge, earning you 9,000 Battle Pass XP. If you make it through this challenge you’ll add the following items to your inventory –

  • Ninja – Greenrock (Uncommon)
  • Frame – Chilled Coil Frame
  • D13 Sector (New Functional Weapon)

All three of this challenges will also reward you with New Years Tokens which can be redeemed in-game through the Featured Event – New Year Token Exchange. This event offers you a way to snag the Wingsuit – Black Top (Common), Battery – Pow Bam Zap (Rare), and AK47 – Living Rust (Epic).

12 Festive Days of Deals
As you have likely seen in-game or through our social channels, we have sales running in-game in now through the 12 Festive Days of Deals event! Every day a new sale arrives on a crate, bundle, or lucky draw, some of which are returns of old content while others are brand-new. In case you missed it, here are the first three that launched and with some of these offers still available now:

Unlike our previously released Black Friday offers, these sales don’t just last 24 hours for each new offer so you have some time to wait and see what else is coming. Speaking of other deals coming, here are the next three deals with fan-favorite Holiday Draw Redux and Grinch – Wreath Havoc dropping tomorrow!

While some of these offers are specifically themed to the holidays others might be from any previous CODM season and theme, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find some old favorites. The deals will be running all the way until December 25th (UTC), but make sure to check the in-game store since each day only asts a limited amount of time.

Crueltide Draw
The first draw of the season doesn’t come out until next week but we won’t be able to highlight it before then due to the timing of these updates. However, we’d like to just point out and celebrate the delightfully spot on designs, theming, and ridiculousness of this draw with Reaper – Naughty List and the PKM – Red Nose Revenge leading the draw. Check out this fun one releasing next week on 12/24 UTC.

Support Options
Each season always bring new opportunities for issues, so whether your issue is new or old please make sure to report it through our official channels or even just via community posts. Our teams are regularly monitoring both! Also, a huge shout-out to the 60+ players who responded last week to provide information about various voice over related bugs. Thank you all very much!

This season’s update notes are rather small since it isn’t a proper in-game update (those come every other season), but nevertheless we still have some balance changes and fixes coming out with Season 11. While this list below isn’t comprehensive of everything that has changed between Season 10 and Season 11, it is a good place to start! Take a look below:

Balance Adjustments


Compared to the popular weapons, the CBR4 is more difficult to control in the current meta. The weapon has a large Get-Hit flinch that negatively impacts the gaming experience. Therefore, we improved the weapon handling for the CBR4.

  • Base Get-Hit flinch reduced
  • Recoil adjustment, optimize the abrupt trajectory to the upper right, so that the recoil is more steady when firing continuously.

Kilo Bolt-Action
The Kilo Bolt-Action’s base ADS time gives no advantage amongst other shooter rifles, and the disadvantage the ADS time given by the barrel attachments is vigorous. While the gun’s range is not dominant and the overall ADS speed is slow, we have slightly improved the overall ADS speed of the gun.

  • Base ADS Time: 0.4 -> 0.38
  • MIP Extended Light Barrel: ADS Time: +10% -> +7%
  • OWC Ranger Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%
  • OWC Marksman Barrel: ADS Time: +15% -> +12%


The slow fire rate of HS0405 did not meet anticipated results. Though the single shrapnel has a higher damage benefit, the excessive emission puts the actual combat intensity at a disadvantage. Therefore, the weapon emission is now reduced.

  • Hipfire Bullet Spread reduced
  • ADS Bullet Spread reduced

500gr Slug

  • New effect: Reduce ADS spread
  • Enhance effect: Damage Range

Scorestreaks – Stealth Chopper

Stealth Chopper’s defense is slightly improved.


Battle Royale


  • Fixed an issue where the BR general accuracy bonus did not take effect on R9-0
  • Hipfire and ADS bullet spread: Compared to MP, reduced by 30%


  • Updated the models of boulders on Hovec Sawmill

That’s it for this surprisingly large community update. We’ll likely be back for one more next week just before the holidays and we hope you enjoy everything that Season 11: Final Snow has to offer! Enjoy, take care, and see you next time!

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team